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Saturday Legends college football board game


“This game absolutely rocks! You can play historic college teams against each other. Teams are created based on real stats. Very accurate and fun!”


“Easy to learn and fun.”


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Adjustments to Big Play DEF rolls

Adjustments to Big Play DEF rolls

When we adapted the Friday Night Legends (FNL) rules to the college game for Saturday Legends (SL) we had quite a bit more data available. As a result of having information about turnovers from the standpoint of both offense and defense, the BIG PLAY DEF now comes up...

Changes To The Kicking Game

Changes To The Kicking Game

Question : I have the FNL game. Are there any changes to the kicking game. Answer : Yes......There are a LOT of changes. The first thing you will notice is that each sheet will have a Punt/Kickoff Return/Kickoff Return Defense/Punt Return/Punt Return Defense rating....

Changes To The Kicking Game

Play Speed

Question : Do I have to use the Play Speed points? Answer : No. You are not required to spend these points but it is suggested for statistical accuracy.  I personally use these points in every game I have played. Even when a team is behind and they have a slow down...