When we adapted the Friday Night Legends (FNL) rules to the college game for Saturday Legends (SL) we had quite a bit more data available. As a result of having information about turnovers from the standpoint of both offense and defense, the BIG PLAY DEF now comes up too many times.

As soon as discovered the issue, we set about designing a method to deal with the issue and after a solid month of testing, we have come up with a fix that represents the turnovers correctly.

Here is how you should now treat all BIG PLAY DEF rolls


  • When a BIG PLAY DEF happens — roll the d20 again. 
  • On a roll of 1-10 the play outcome will either be a 0 yard run (on running plays) or an INC pass (on passing plays.)
  • On a roll of 11-20 roll the BIG PLAY DEF as normal.
  • Double BIG PLAY’s will go as normal

If you have any questions feel free to post it on the Facebook group.