Question : I have the FNL game. Are there any changes to the kicking game.

Answer : Yes……There are a LOT of changes. The first thing you will notice is that each sheet will have a Punt/Kickoff Return/Kickoff Return Defense/Punt Return/Punt Return Defense rating. These are all adjustments you will make when these events happen.

Before the game starts write down these adjustments on the score pad for ease of use during the game.

Punts — Found on Offensive side of team sheet — add/subtract this # from your punt yardage

Kickoff Return: Add your Kickoff Return – found on Defensive side of team sheet and your opponents Kickoff Return Defense – found on your opponents Offensive side of the sheet— add/subtract this # from your Kickoff Return yards

Punt Return : Add your Punt Return – found on Defensive side of team sheet and your opponents Punt Return Defense – found on your opponents Offensive side of the sheet— add/subtract this # from your Punt Returns

Example : Your team has a +1 Kickoff Return rating and your opponent has a +3 Kickoff Return rating. You total rating is +4 which mean your team gets to add 4 yards on every kickoff return.

Example : Your team punts and your Punt rating is -3 and the adjustment to your opponents punt return is a +1. After rolling the punt and return an looking at the X-Sheets — the punt is a 40 yard punt and the return is 5 yards. With the adjustments, it would be a 37 yard punt (40 – punt rating of -3) and the return would be 6 yards (5 + punt return rating of +1).

KICKOFF/KICKOFF RETURN: Kicking team rolls the d20.   The ball is received at the d20 – 8 yard line.  A roll of 19 or 20 will be Kickoff Special.   The receiving team then rolls the d20.   The return is d20 + 10 yards.   A roll of 19 or 20 will be a Kickoff Return Special.  Add/Subtract your team’s kickoff return adjustment that was calculated to start the game. Remember : In College Football, you can fair catch anything inside the 25 and just get the ball at the 25 with no return. (also no time off the clock) Note :  On Kickoff Specials — you cannot call fair catch

ONSIDE KICK: To execute an onside kick, the kicking team rolls a d20 and moves the ball d20+5 yards. Example: If the kicking team rolls a 7, the ball is moved 7+5=12 yards from their 30 (kicking teams 42 yard line) The kicking team then rolls d20 again and consults the Onside Kick chart on X-Sheet 3 to determine who recovers the ball)   Note: If the ball travels less than 10 yards, the kicking team receives a 5 yard penalty and must kick again – either onside again or regular. There are no returns on an onside kick. 

PUNTS: Offensive coach rolls the dice, and reads the yardage from the Punt column on the X-Sheet. Add/Subtract your Punt adjustment. This is how many yards the ball was punted. If it goes past the goal line, then it is a touchback and the ball goes over to the other team at their 20 yard line. If the ball is not punted past the goal line, then the receiving coach now rolls the dice and reads the punt return yardage and adds their punt return adjustment. That coach then moves the ball this distance back upfield. You can also choose to punt out of bounds and then as a punt returner choose to just let the ball bounce. Consult the x-sheets for these results.    On a regular punt…..if the penalty roll is a  2 or 19 then the punt goes out of bounds. If the Penalty roll is a 3,4,5, or 6 on an out of bounds punt then the punt did not go out of bounds. Note :  If a punt return after adjustments is a negative number then it is a fair catch.

FIELD GOALS: To try a field goal the offensive coach rolls the dice and consults the field goal chart. To determine the yardage add 17 yards to the line of scrimmage. (Example: a field goal try from the 20 yard line would be a 37 yard attempt). If the kick is missed, the defensive team takes the ball over at the place where the kick was kicked from. (The line of scrimmage minus 7 yards).   If the kick was attempted from inside the 20 yard line, then the defense would take over at their 20.

POINT AFTER TOUCHDOWN: The offensive coach rolls the dice and checks the chart. No time goes off the clock for a point after touchdown attempt.  When a 1 or 2 is rolled for a missed kick and a 2 or 19 was rolled on the penalty dice roll then the extra point kick is blocked.   

BLOCKED KICKS : For blocked field goals and extra points……check FUM recovery 10 +d20 yards from line of scrimmage.

You do adjust your punts on Punts Out Of Bounds.

You do NOT adjust any kickoffs/punts and returns on Specials.