Question : Do I have to use Coaching Points?

Answer : No. You are not required to use the coaching points. In fact, I (Michael Wright) hardly ever use the coaching points in the FNL game. BUT…..SL has now put more of a focus on coaching points. I now use them in every game I have played. So have the players that have tested. This will not matter much if two teams that are very close strength of schedule wise are playing. In that case, they will only have 5 – 10 points. If you play a Top 5 against a bottom feeder then the Top 5 school may have 50+ points. You will need these points to even out the playing field. The Top 5 stats came from playing top competition in most cases while the bottom feeder did not play as many good teams.

How many Coaching Points do you get?

Each team starts with 5 points—  then the team with the larger SOS # subtracts the smaller teams SOS and they add the difference to their initial 5.  The Strength Of Schedule (SOS) represents how the team did that year and how tough the schedule was. The Home team (if applicable) gets +3 added to their Coaching Points total.

What can you do with Coaching Points?

  • 1 point –  offense only can speed up/slowing down — next play takes 10 seconds more or 10 seconds less 
  • 2 points  – Player can go out of bounds or stay in bounds (if the play was an out of bounds play) Offense gets 1st choice but defense can spend points here.
  • 3 points – ignore penalty against your team (once per team per quarter).   (Offense or Defense)
  • 4 points  – add/subtract 1 from your roll on a kicking play. Offense gets 1st choice but defense can spend points here.
  • 10 points – add or subtract your team’s Yardage Modifier from/to a play (may be done only once per play)  Offense get priority     * If defense chooses to spend these points, offense can overrule and use their points instead.   If so, defense points are not spent.  If a pass play goes for negative yardage then it is an incomplete pass.   Coaching points cannot cause a sack.
  • 15 points — Ignore a Big Play (once per team per quarter).   

** Note — if there is a play with 2 Big Plays, you can only ignore 1 of them

You can use ½ of your points in the 1st half and the other ½ in the 2nd.  You can go over the ½ points in the first but cannot use any more when you are => ½.      EXAMPLE :  Say you have 10 coaching points total and you have used 4 already in the 2nd quarter.   That leaves you 1 below the ½ mark.   You can still ignore a penalty if you want to put you at 7 used before the half.   You will not be able to use any more until the 2nd half now.