Saturday Legends

The Greatest College Football Heroes

Saturday Legends college football board game


“This game absolutely rocks! You can play historic college teams against each other. Teams are created based on real stats. Very accurate and fun!”


“Easy to learn and fun.”


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Coaching Points

Coaching Points

Question : Do I have to use Coaching Points? Answer : No. You are not required to use the coaching points. In fact, I (Michael Wright) hardly ever use the coaching points in the FNL game. BUT.....SL has now put more of a focus on coaching points. I now use them in...



Attention Coaches of Saturday Legends and Friday Night Legends: We are giving away a free library team sheet to one lucky person (one for each game) in a FREE TEAM LOTTERY! Rules: Make purchases in the month of September and EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND is a lottery ticket...

Coaching Points

SNL Rules : Play Selection

QUESTION : One thing I'm still unclear on and it wasn't addressed in your teaching video. Let's say you have a 12/12 offence, and you call a running play. How to you resolve results when the 24 sided die is greater than 12? ANSWER : Thank You for the question. This...