QUESTION : One thing I’m still unclear on and it wasn’t addressed in your teaching video. Let’s say you have a 12/12 offence, and you call a running play. How to you resolve results when the 24 sided die is greater than 12?

ANSWER : Thank You for the question. This can be confusing at first but once you have seen it in play, it will get to where you will not even think about it. Each team will have 72 total play results distributed between the 6 plays (there are 6 offensive plays and 6 defensive plays). Breaking it down further, there are 3 run plays on offense, 3 run plays on defense, 3 pass plays on offense and 3 pass plays on defense. There is a possibility of team not having any passing or running plays on the season (not likely but it could happen). If a team ran the ball every play for the season, then their team sheet would show 24 Run and 0 Pass plays. Given that, you would have 72 run play results and 0 pass results. The 72 plays are then distributed between the 3 running offensive plays. (Run Inside, Run Outside and Draw). For the game, you have 24 chances to run each (72 total plays divided by 3 run plays).

Before the game starts, mark through the plays on the Play Checkoff Sheet that are not needed. 

Example: Your team page shows that your team has 16 plays of each running play and 8 of each passing play. Your Play Checkoff Sheet consists of 24 of each play. Mark though the run plays that have the #’s 17-24 and through the pass plays that have #’s 9-24. The plays marked off are not available on that team sheet so will not be used during the game.

Given the example above, you have (16) Run Inside, (16) Run Outside, (16) Draw, (8) Drop Backs, (8) Roll Outs and (8) Screens available to run. Once you pick your play, roll the d24 and look in that plays column. If that play is not marked through then mark it off the sheet and use it for this play. If it is already marked off (you have run it already) go to the next one available.

Example Using Inside Run

  1. Roll of a 6 and that play is not marked out so it can be used.
  2. Roll of a 6 and that play is already marked out then you go to the next # (Run Inside 7 and so on). I
  3. Roll of a 17-24….this # is out of your range of available plays. Start at the top (#1 and go down until you find an available play that is not marked through).

Once you have run every play for that set, then you cannot run that set anymore for the game.

Once you have run all 72 plays then the playbook is open and you can run any play for the rest of the game.