Question : Do I have to use the Play Speed points?

Answer : No. You are not required to spend these points but it is suggested for statistical accuracy.  I personally use these points in every game I have played. Even when a team is behind and they have a slow down offense. This really comes into play with older teams. Example : 1945 Army has a +52 for their play speed. They will have 52 plays where they can speed up the clock (take more time off). That will pretty much take more time off the clock on every offensive play they run. If you do not, then this team will beat other teams by 70 instead of the 40 they did in real life.

Play Speed   – # of plays a team can speed or slow down per game. A positive # means a team can slow down (take more time off the clock) on that many plays and a negative # means a team can speed up (take less time off the clock) on that many plays.    Each time a team decides to use one of these points it add/subtracts 10 seconds from the clock.    (Only the Offense can use the option to use the points)